2.1 Develop and justify risk management criteria against which risk can be assessed


The question as to which technique is most suitable for a specific organization depends upon how best it suits the organization’s goal of identifying risks. Following techniques are used in ADNOC Refinery. These are evaluated below. It should be noted this list is not exhausted and are used in my organization for the purposes of identifying risks:


  • Checklists: In ADNOC Refinery organization-specific checklists are used to identify organization-wide risks. Management of ADNOC Refinery believes that these checklists are easy to use. For example, following questions are found in a questionnaire in health and safety category:


Sr Questions Yes No Remarks
1 Has there been any fatality over the past 5 years?
2 Has the lost time for over three days occurred?
3 Has the lost time for over three days occurred more than once over past 5 years?
4 Are first aid cases available at all the times?
5 Has there been any hurdle in medical treatment cases?
6 How many accidents have been recorded over the past one year?



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