4DEP Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner Part B

Part B. (A.C 3.2,3.3,3.4, 3.5) (500 words)

Undertake an assessment of yourself as an HR practitioner using the template given below.

You should answer all of the questions in the template, providing clear explanations to support your comments. The CIPD profession Map will be a useful tool to guide you in completing your personal development plan.
Q1 What do you consider were the three most important things (planned or unplanned) that you learned last year? Please also briefly describe how they were learned?

1. Ability to arrange my job duties and work activities, assure its quality and execute it on time.
2. How to properly plan ways for self-development and self-confidence in order to enhance my professional skills and abilities. This lead to consolidate, improve and raise the standards of my performance in the best and easiest ways.
3. How to plan for solid progress and transition to a higher stage in the career path.

Through planned training and self-development programs, I learned and mastered the use of new applications, programs and systems that helped develop my skills and enhanced my technical and professional abilities. The new abilities enabled me to properly accomplish the tasks assigned to me in high quality and effective and useful ways and at the same time to serve all employees, cover their needs and facilitate their requirements.
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