5CO03 Conference Presentation on ethical practice in business


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  • The agenda of this report is to evaluate importance of ethical practice
  • As a senior HR Admin in XXX organisation in Dubai, UAE, ethical practices are core to success in my role
  • Personal values are linked with professional ethics which is determined on the extent in which personal values are exercised
  • In human resource function, ethics ensures strategies including L&D, retention in an entity to meet employee expectations


Welcome to this conference presentation. It focuses on the ethical practice in business with an in-depth explanation of the business case for these people practices. This presentation is structured into different sections with an intention of linking the ethical practices and people professional practices.

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  • Ethical practice entail ethical values set in an organisational behaviour
  • Areas of ethical practice include conduct such as corporate governance, employment practices, sales techniques, stakeholder relations and corporate social responsibility
  • All employees ought to be handled with dignity and respected, fairness and linked to broad society
  • People practices guide awareness on and to understand alternative courses outcomes with people managers making sound judgements


Reflecting to my current organisation which operates in UAE property sector, the relevance of ethics to people practice has been evaluated. In CIPD, CIPD (2021) had noted that immense scandals in modern workplaces on harassment and poor treatment of employees. These occurs when ethics are not integral to the manner in which organisations are operating.

Ethics are heart of HR professionalism as it influence transparency scope and trust with standards of integrity being essential in advising business leaders.

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People professional​

  • Traditionally, professionals are mandated with promotion of good for society
  • Professionals are adhering to ethical standards, acceptable to public and possessing special knowledge and skills
  • Code of ethics are found governing the activities of every profession
  • Professionals are guided by need for competencies, integrity, morality, altruism and promoting public good


As noted in ACP (2021), from a traditional context, professional was being identified as an individual receiving pay from particular knowledge or experiences. This has since changed where May (2019) identify a professional to include moral or ethical foundation in this practice of specific and well-established expertise.

Professionals are governed by distinct codes of ethics, professing commitment to competencies, integrity and morality, altruism and promotion of public good. They are accountable to those they are serving and society.

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People professional​ Cont.

  • People professionals are well positioned in driving positive change to world of work
  • Enables sustainable business outcomes maximum gain for all
  • Empowering employees in thriving individually and collectively
  • People professionals champions better work and working lives
  • People professionals support people, work anywhere, progress career, every day is different and great earning potential


Adopting the definition of CIPD (2021a), people professional is appropriately positioned in driving positive change in their world of work. This is achieved by ensuring they understand, communicate, and unlock people value. The outcome of this is achieving sustainable business outcomes for all people gains.

There are a total of five rationale of becoming people professional;

  • Support people– This is identified in CIPD (2020) as upholding professional standards and assuming a strategic, expert approach, recognition of impact and value people teams lead to organisational goals.
  • Working anywhere– As evidenced in CIPD (2021a), a people professional can work in media, engineering to banks and even charities, even industries and companies hire expertise of people professionals.
  • Progress your career– According to CIPD (2021b) there are a total of 12 career areas where a people profession pursue. These are broadly categorised into HR generalists and specialists.
  • Great earning potential– Qualifications and experiences contribute to an increased earning over time.

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Ethical values

  • In New CIPD HR Professional Map, ethical values represent a moral compass for living individual lives and decision-making
  • This is done through challenging others decisions, transparency and role modelling
  • Examples of personal values include;

oHonesty in dealing with all people

oTaking responsibility of all my actions

oPleasing all people in my workplace


In context of people professional CIPD (2021c) define the ethics as offering moral compass by which we are living in our lives and making decisions.

As noted in Qayyum et al. (2019) ethics in people profession influence how the decisions affect relationships in workplace. This has an eventual implication on organisation reputation.

Three examples of my own personal values have been identified which have had a direct effect on the quality of relationships that I was developing in my current workplace.

In people practice, ethical values can be applied in the following areas;

  • Decision making
  • Challenging others in their decisions
  • Transparency on what we are doing and why
  • Role-modelling of professional values, principles and integrity

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