Avado 5CLD Understanding the context of L&D Activity 1 Presentation


You have been asked to provide a slide (or equivalent) presentation* lasting around
20 minutes on ‘The context of L&D’.

The presentation could be for new starters in your team or to other key stakeholders in your organisation. You should assume they will have less understanding of organisations and L&D than those with a longer experience of employment in an L&D role.


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In the contemporary business environment, organisations vary in types from a small organisation to multinational global organisations operating in almost all regions globally (Anantatmula & Stankosky, 2008).

SMEs–  in this type of organisation, one trader operates them hence identified as small business or medium business

Limited company (Ltd)– this is a private entity that is owned by particular individuals with the general public restricted from buying shares

Public Limited Company– this is an entity which have shares that can possibly be traded in the public

Public sector- This include the government institutions where the government is identified as a major employer

Private organisation- this is operated by shareholders who are involved in developing products and services and offering them with the purpose of creating profits for investment in a business and operate together progressively.

Voluntary/nonprofit– this is inclusive of charities and other entities involved in provision of services to the population without any intention of profit making

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rganisation Style Differences Similarities
Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) The groups in this category include the sole trader, small business and medium business They are established to accrue profits to the owner
Limited Organisation Specific individuals are the owners with restrictions to the public from buying any share They are set with an aim of achieving particular gap
Public These are the government bodies and institutions They are intended to facilitate services delivery to populations
Voluntary/not for profit This include charities and other group of organisations tasked with the role service provision with no profits gained The primary driver is the values with minimal political interference
Private This include different organisations that make products and services and later sell them at a cost It is intended to gain in terms of profits to owners
Public limited organisation Their shares readily available in public platforms for subscription They are founded on the need to deliver services to population

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