Case Study Tough Guy


Case questions:

  1. Provide an overview of the case. How would you advise Frazer? What options does he have?
  2. Why are there Mazeys in business? Why do they get ahead?
  3. How can you manage Mazeys as (a) a subordinate? and (b) as a boss?


Tough Guy

  1. Provide an overview of the case.  How would you advise Frazer? What options does he have?

This case focuses on evaluating he case for Chip Mazey who is a vice president and an associate at the investment bank Hudson Smith Gordon. He was actively engaged in the negotiation process. Working with the rest of the team was being identified as a tough guy. Changing Mazey was a challenging as he had been regarded by the others as a tricky business with and changing their behaviours. This was due to fear of directly conflicting Mazey and also assuming that there was no possibility of the existing issues. The challenge was being complexed by lack of a direct understanding of what Frazer liked or disliked and directly confronting him would have been disastrous. Despite of all his undoing and lack of people-centric approach, Mazey was a good performer and always received promotions every year. His behaviour is what Rosaldo (2022) identify as leaders and managers being possessive of their subordinates actions. This is particularly evident where Frazer has ended up calling for employees already at their homes to go back to their jobs. One of the employee was called while in vacation in Tunisia and had to go back to their work roles.

For advising Frazer, there is a need for him to change his leadership style. His leadership style can be identified as autocratic. This is what is identified in Rosaldo (2022) as a management style where one individual takes control of all the decisions and assuming a sourcing of decisions. This need to be changed to adopt a democratic and more accommodative leadership approach. For instance, for their partners in the negotiation including Jean Fenster, Rich Pattern and Payton Edwards would all be actively engaged in making decisions regarding the Hudson operations. Through such a practice, they would ensure that they are successful in the organisation operations.

Other options available for Frazer would include;

  • As a best practice, Frazer can ensure that they put in place appropriate stakeholders analysis for ensuring they are successful in his management style
  • Be a leader who accommodate the views of each other and ensuring that there is no bad blood between him and others
  • There is a need for adopting the best legislations which accommodate the best practice of the employees operations. For instance, the working hours would need to be clearly stipulated and noted on the best practice in their organisation operationsW

2.0 Why are there Mazeys in business? Why do they get ahead?

As evidenced in Forbes (2021) report, in most instances, managers tend to avoid acknowledgement of their mistakes or to accept responsibility for them. Rather, they tend to be laying blame to the rest for deflecting their accountability scope. However,

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