Ethics of Writing Papers

Ethics of Writing Papers

Ethics of Writing Papers

Summary of the Case Study

As evidenced in the case study, plagiarism represent a core issue leading to ethical dilemmas to both learners and assessors. To affirm this, the case quotes of a 2010 findings which had noted that 1 out of every 3 high school learners had noted use of different online platforms for plagiarising their assessments. As evidenced in the American Psychological Association, plagiarism is ranked as the worst form of violation academically. For the learners who are caught in this process, they get demoralised after their professors note their presumably original work is noted to be plagiarized and hence illegitimate.

As a common trend, the case study note multiple learners as using online platforms in conducting research and writing down these school assignments. Further, it is significantly a simple undertaking copying and pasting all passages from a website without an appropriate citing of the sources. Further, in the case study, online tutoring is noted as a practice for sourcing information from websites which have no proof of their authenticity which is an act of stealing and hence against the morel ethics.

Many students use online resources to conduct research and write school assignments. It’s also too simple to copy and paste entire passages from a website without properly citing the source. Online tutoring is described as a service provided by the website rather than a tool for students to cheat, but in reality, they are deceiving the students and undermining their moral ethics.

 Nonetheless, students appear to be perplexed in many cases as to why their teachers consider anonymously sourced transcribed passages to be cheating practices. Most teachers recall having to explain to students how a particular piece was unethical in some way.

Opinion on How Students Should Act in Ideal Manner

The case study highlights a need for both learners and their professors to work in collaboration in establishing core principles of ethical behaviours. This is with academicians playing a core responsibility to oversee implementation of the set rules. Also, the learners need to come up with their own strategies of avoiding this issue in full. An engagement of the institution attempt is establishing ethical environment for assisting the learners growth in terms of confidence in their ability of coming up with ethical environments in different phenomenon. A success in formulating debates the policies and procedures of increasing their moral consciousness which is highly valued to their operations as opposed to their final work. This can be achieved by establishing the core tenets for ethical academic aspects and delivery of ethical education by taking part in their operations (Mathieu, 2020).

While it may be challenging at times, enforcing regulations on students can be a vital teaching tool for instilling ethical ideas in them.

Opinion on How Professors Should Act When Dealing With Such Cases¬† When promoting students’ ethical development, modeling honesty and integrity is……

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