Medium term financial strategies for a FTSE100 company


From the financial and non-financial analysis of the Yu group, in order to be ranked in the FTSE 100 Company, they need to expand their scope of operations and equally target to provide oil and gas products to the government and also private citizens in the UK. Currently, the organisation only supply electricity, gas, water and other utility solutions to business suppliers and as such does not target the government and private organisations (Yu Group PLC, 2019). Additionally, the identified 60 other companies that do not fit in the top 6 leaders in the UK energy sector, Yu group would consider buying them so that they can establish a second force. This would equally increase their market dominance and profitability.  This would be evidence of market dynamics understanding, ability to plan and execute expansion in an industry, withstanding strong competition and solidifying their market position in the broad energy sector (Bamber & McMeeking, 2010).  Also, the FTSE ranking criteria also factors on the market capitalization and this would be evidenced by more investors investing in the organisation shares with a stabilized share capital value.

5.0 Conclusion

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