Musculoskeletal Injury Clinical Diagnosis of Knee Pain

A case study of a patient with a knee pain has been provided
While direct impacts to the knee are more often to occur, the knee is more prone to twisting or stretching injuries. Saldanha et al., (2016) indicate that subjecting the joint through a greater range of motion than it was meant to tolerate can make the knee to overstretch or tear. This task will assess a 15 years old female student who complains of a knee pain after an injury during a gymnastic session.
Patient History
The patient is a 15yr old female student who complains of having trouble bending her knee after having an injury in her gymnasium classes. She do not have any cry mental complain though her mother admits that she has been sadder the last couple of days and mom states short tempered with a recent injury. The left leg pain is isolated to the front lateral aspect of the left knee; it is not improved with their interventions. The patient complains of having issues in sleeping relating to pain. However, her family seems to have a history of hypertension ….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10