Research Argument: Arguing for a Position / Arguing for Change

Research Argument: Arguing for a Position / Arguing for Change
This assignment fulfills course objectives
1, 2, 3, and 4

Choose a current cultural or social issue about which you are curious and have a few good ideas. Avoid topics that have been discussed for so long that a young writer can find no original points to make (i.e. do not choose abortion, capital punishment, gun control). Write an 1000-1200 word research paper that argues for a position and/or argues for a change in regard to the issue you choose.

You are required to use FIVE (5) sources:
1) 1-2 Article(s) from a newspaper/magazine (online/print)
2) 1-2 Scholarly articles from online database (
3) 1 Article from a reputable website (NOT WIKIPEDIA)
4) 1 Miscellaneous source: Youtube, film, television show/series, personal interview, etc.

Take care to:

• stay focused on a specific argumentative thesis throughout the essay
• organize your argument logically
• write an appropriately formal research paper for an academic audience (attending to vocabulary, sentence combination, academic standards of evidence, analysis of evidence and so on)
• use appropriate lead-ins, paraphrasing, quoting rules, and in-text citations within the body of the essay and a Works Cited page
• use a variety of different kinds of sources (follow list above.)
• create a seamless progression or integration of methods as you decide: argue for a position and/or argue for change.
• balance your original thinking with synthesis of your sources
• be relatively free of grammar/mechanical problems, follow MLA style formatting and citation rules.
In the contemporary world, the concept of human trafficking is a critical aspect of legalized prostitution. Hence, it is perceived as one of the fundamental issue impacting on modern society. In this argumentative essay, the major focus will be on the human trafficking and fundamental issues linked to human trafficking inclusive of their causes and implications. In addition, this essay will delve into the prevalence of the issue and the best practices of solving the problem. According to US News (1), human trafficking is a practice I which other humans have a control over the life of others. The most prevalent causes of human trafficking include sex and labor trafficking and the most modern trafficking form which is the organ trafficking. In this paper, I will argue that human trafficking is possible to be mitigated through improving the life of human slavery.
In a general perspective, the genesis of human trafficking can be correlated with the occurrences in ancient Rome and Greece and modern America among other nations where the issue has been on a rapid rise. As noted by BBC News (1), human trafficking is a common form of modern slavery which has not attracted comprehensive research from scholars and the members of the contemporary society. This is despite the United Nations Crime Watch ranking human trafficking as the third most heinous crime after drugs and weapon trade. According to Weitzer and Ronald (449), the overall number of human trafficking is approximately 20 million annually……….Please contact our team to receive this report for only $10