(Solution) 3C001 products and/or services the organisation delivers, including who the main customers are. (AC1.3)(Solution) 3C001


MNGH-A is categorised as the highest healthcare sector public sector organisation in KSA. Hence, it is primarily involved in provision of healthcare services (see figure 3 summary);

Figure 3: MNGH-A Operations Summary

The organisation services include;

  • 6 Hospitals and up to 71 clinics offering full range of healthcare services
  • Digital healthcare services delivery
  • Emergency care for their customers
  • Ensuring appropriate management of COVID-19 pandemic challenges
  • Health medical records provided to the customers

For the customers, they include;

  • Saudi Arabia government/administration
  • Military/army personnel in Saudi Arabia
  • Families of the military officers
  • KSA population/citizens sourcing for healthcare services

For the different customers, their involvement is supported by need for harnessing quality healthcare services to the KSA populations. This is with the Armed forces being the primary customers.

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