(Solution) 7C004 Task 4.3: Reflective analysis on this project and what you would do differently in future projects to enhance success

Selected Title: Business Research in People Practice Impact of Training and Development on the Improvement of Employee Performance in the IT sector of Saudi Arabia


Albeit of the multiple input prioritised in this research to ensure an informative project is developed, different limitations have been faced for overcoming future research issues and progress. For instance, in questionnaires development phase, I needed immense expertise to engage the respondents in the IT sector and work on my effort on training and development strategies. Being the most appropriate strategy, research ought to put I place various opinions by actively engaging board of representatives in various organisations. This is for appreciating the best practice in working on training and development strategies.

Further, considering that this project has majorly prioritised on use of primary data in obtaining relevant findings, it is important to pursue future studies to widen its scope. A case example is where future research strategies ought to be integrating a high level recognition of contextual issues in IT sector business environment impacting on holistic training and development approaches.

Similarly, it is important to compare input of IT sector in Saudi Arabia informed by localised and international practices for appreciating relevance of measures considered to promote training and development approaches. By using a broad sector as opposed to a specific business area, the scope of this research could have been affected. This is in particular the area of this research effectiveness and appropriateness in obtaining appropriate findings. There is a need for future research to be specific and target a particular area of the business. Also, in my future research works, I will consider requesting for consideration of the amount of time of project implementation by successfully reviewing and improving it. In the process of project implementation, I similarly need to prioritise on my entire job roles. Besides, it has been my main interest to attain sufficient knowledge for best practice to schedule research work in draft form. I have strictly worked on my roles in the form of Gantt chart. Apart from time aspect, obtaining relevant sample size is core for success in research work. It is possible to attain this by obtaining the most appropriate sample size for improving generalisability beyond the IT sector in Saudi Arabia operations.

Lastly, as I move into the future, I will work on improving my ability to adopt quantitative analysis tool. In the current report, by being in a position of using SPSS Analysis tool, as a new concept to me, I have managed to make sure I pursued detailed analysis. Besides, I was not possessing sufficient knowledge and skills for pursing validity and reliability by use of the software. This is a core area which I intend to pursue in future by appropriate use of SPSS technique and either appropriate structural analysis tools.

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