(Solution) CIPD 5OS01 4.4: Other employment rights relating to Flexible Working


Right of work from home According to Employment Rights Act 1996, Section 44, if the health and safety requirement at the workplace is compromised, employees have the right to ask to work from home (Legislation.gov.uk, 1996). 

Right of flexibility in start and finish time– According to the Flexible Working Regulations 2014, employees who have worked at least 26 weeks straights have the opportunity to ask for flexible working hours (Legislation.gov.uk, 2014).

Right to the paid same amount for same flexible working hours- As long the flexible working hours are equivalent to four days of complete work in a week, employers cannot deduct their pay.

For an employee, they could request for a flexible working to an employer based on the following grounds (ACAS, 2023);

  • Reducing working hours for part-time working arrangement
  • Altering the start and finishing times
  • Embrace of flexible working with start and finishing time (also identified as flexitime)
  • Working for less days (compressed hours)
  • Home working or elsewhere
  • Job sharing with others

In line with the ACAS Code of Practice on Flexible Working Requests, they can request for flexible working arrangement if they have been with an employer for 26 weeks. Also,…..

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