TBS 984 Business Report: Expansion of a Product into an Emerging Market

As its consultant, your report to the CEO should include your analysis and recommendations on the following areas:
(1) Detailed analysis of the country from the emerging market. Why as a location the country from the emerging market is important? Particularly for the industry you have chosen.
(2) What should be the mode of entry for the new firm and the reasons why you think the company would succeed if it chooses the particular mode of entry.
(3) What other business-level strategies you would recommend to the company? Why?
(4) Use the strategy tripod to evolve a success strategy for the company
(5) Choose a product that can be launched into the Emerging Market and justify using theories and models the feasibility of success of this new product in the emerging market.
Currently, UAE ranks first in the number of operative automobiles in GCC and MENA region. This equally increases the demand for mechanics services as a complimentary of the rising number of automobiles in UAE. RMD Cars is a unique and a modernized concept that shall be adopted in the auto industry in Dubai, UAE. RMD Cars application will strategically be integrated into the UAE auto-mobile as the first pre-service enquiry mechanic services. This market is rich with opportunities and attractive since research has established that approximately 80% of the total vehicles in the UAE are passenger cars while only 20% are commercial vehicles with the number expected to rise to over 3 million cars in 2020 (Alkheder et al., 2016). In a similar note, the mechanic’s services are rare and comparatively uneconomical to seek for mechanical services of experts as opposed to the Western countries. In order to successfully venture into this marker, we shall partner with the UAE mechanics association which is the primary source of the mechanic services. Through such an engagement, we shall be in a position of exploring the resources available to the commission and liaise with government for legislation.
After a successful induction in this field, apart from the mechanic’s services, simpler cars-oriented services shall be offered including car fuelling, cleaning services and answering questions related to cars efficiency in use. Similarly, it is also intended that in future, the business market scope shall be expanded geographically in GCC and MENA regions after a successful establishment of their brand in UAE.
ABCDE Analysis
ABCDE analysis is based on four constructs which are the Assessment, Baseline, Components, Down to Specifics and Evaluate and is used in the analysis of a provided business model or a particular business strategy or an operational conceptualized idea or business systems. According to Aithal (2015), these are determinants in critical areas through analysis of the primary regions and identification of these essential constituent elements. In the context of this analysis, the ABCDE analysis framework is adopted in line with other established analyzing techniques such as Competitive Profile Matrix, EFE, BCG analyzing structures, Porters five Forces Model and PESTEL analysis. In this case, the future of this project is inevitable and to the benefit of the application.
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