Which Measures shall you adopt to ensure that you stop Plagiarism?

The writings and ideas from other people form a critical segment of their academic work. Similarly, in my dissertation, my work will be essential to me, and I would not be happy if anybody copies it without my authentication. However, in an event where I use the works of other people in my work, I shall acknowledge them properly with quotations, citing the pages I obtained the information or paraphrasing their works properly. The university regulations relating to cheating and plagiarism are clearly stipulated and incorporated in the regulations for the awards of the university degree of masters in strategic management in section 15.

In my dissertation, to ensure that I avoid any possible allegation of plagiarism being made against me, I will make sure that I am conversant with the most appropriate approach to presenting and writing another person works appropriately. Any section of work that is taken from outside sources will effectively be put under quotations with a subtle acknowledgment being given for the use of original works. In an event I use a larger section of the text from an outside source, I will ensure that I indent it carefully. In my referencing, I shall make sure it is great detailed for ensuring that any reader of my thesis locates my original work in the exact page or paragraph it was sourced from.

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