7RTM Resourcing and Talent Management Formative Assessment 2


Given the rise in literature which exists on the rise of Generation Y and Generation C (Booz and Co), discuss with examples how the HR activity of Resourcing and Talent Management will change in the next 10 years. Examples may include features such as the change in working expectations, the use of social media and flexible working. 

Your line manager is interested in this topic too as has asked you to write a short 1500-word report on the topic with a series of recommendations she may need to act upon. 


One of the most important trends in modern organisations is that of temporary, project-based structures becoming the every-day work environment for an increasing number of individuals. For example, Manuel Castells states that “…The actual operating unit becomes the project, enacted by a network, rather than individual companies or formal groupings of companies…” In other words, many firms are going through something that could be referred to as project a general development process in which firms to a greater extent focus their operations on projects, project management and various types of project-like structures.  This trend has several implications for traditional ways of thinking when it comes to for example management, organisation, employee relations and contracts. In such a throw- away world, organizations lose important elements of permanence. Throw-away personnel policies, where emphasis is placed on selection and turnover rather than on training and learning.

In Addition; generational transformations are one of the significant changes that will shape public service in the near future It has been estimated that the federal government will need to hire more than 200,000 individuals to replace the aging and retiring workforce (Government Business Council [GBC], 2012). How the next generation of federal workers is to be attracted has emerged as a critical concern for human resource professionals in federal agencies. An increasing number of scholarly articles, as well as briefs and editorials by journalists and consultants, provide advice and strategies on making government work more inviting for the members of the Millennial generation, those born after 1980 who are now in the process of building their careers. While undoubtedly important, encouraging talented and skilled young individuals to enter public service could only be effective if they want to remain and thrive in their government positions. Research on Millennial has emphasized their preferences for unconfined careers, work-life balance, and extrinsic over intrinsic rewards. Millennial workers are also found to be far more likely than older workers to consider changing careers and employers. Public administration researchers have long ………………………………………………………………………………………………Please contact us to receive guidance, support and tutorial services on this assessment in full Customised to your expectations

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