(Solution) New 50S06 Leadership and Management Development

Solution Task One-1365 1.1 External factors driving need for leadership and management within organisations In modern organisations, an organisation leadership and management is impacted by a set of external factors. […]

MENA Syndicate Cohort – Advanced Practitioner CIPS Level 6

The project is a fundamental element of your Corporate Award programme and has 3 dimensions: • The organisation reflected in the business benefits to be derived from a successful outcome […]

(Solution) New Assessment ID / CIPD_5HR03_22_01 5HR03 Reward for performance and contribution

Solution Task One – Report Section Once Evaluate the principles of reward and its importance to organisational culture and performance management. (AC 1.1) Short references should be added into your […]

(Solution) New Assessment ID / CIPD_5HR02_22_01 5HR02 Talent management and workforce planning

Solution Task Questions Explain how organisations strategically position themselves in competitive labour markets (AC 1.1) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to only list your […]

(Solution) New Assessment ID / CIPD_5HR01_22_01 5HR01 Employment relationship management

Solution Section One – Questions Review emerging developments to inform approaches to employee voice and engagement. (AC 1.1) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to […]

CIPD Oakwood 7HR03 Strategic Reward Management

Task Task Review a current role (or job family) and produce a report recommending the approach to be taken by your organisation in regards to renumeration and rewards. Your report […]

(Solution) Oakwood CIPD Level 7 7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations

Solution CIPD Level 7 7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations Question 1 Assessment Criterion 1.4 Define ‘good employment relations’; critically reviewing how this can be achieved in organisations. Response Adopting the definition […]

(Solution) Oakwood CIPD Level 7 7C004 Business Research in People Practice

Solution The business research project LO1:      be able to plan a people practice business research project aimed at adding organisational value. Task 1.1: Explain how and why you chose […]

(Solution) CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma 7C003 Personal Effectiveness, Ethics and Business Acumen

Solution Introduction To people practice professionals, working through an active self-assessment is core for appreciating their strengths and weaknesses. This is at the same time increasing self-confidence to offer a […]