Abstract of a Dissertation

Roles of Cloud Operation Management Framework in improving the ability of IT managers to manage associated organizational resources for cloud services


In the contemporary dynamic and highly competitive business environment, cloud computing has enabled organisations in controlling their different expenses and improving their pooled computing resources to their positive benefit. The IT managers who represent critical stakeholders in the cloud operations perform key roles in ensuring the increasing consumption of the technological products. Accordingly, this study sought to develop a framework that can be adopted in improving the management of organizational resources in cloud services by using a cloud operation management framework.  The data that was adopted in guiding the development of the framework and subsequent evaluation was based on a mixed methodology design. A survey was conducted with selected IT managers from different sectors (small/medium) and cloud technology architects. Also, interviews were conducted with selected IT managers for cloud operations.

The key research findings demonstrate a direct relationship between an increased integration of the cloud operations with the infrastructure as service and software as service. Also, the private and hybrid models have been deduced as being the most appropriate among the different entities due to the issues of their accessibility and availability of the security of the adopted data. Also, this study finds that the generation of big data demand the sourcing of essential insights, costs of access and scalability aspects which must be priorities. The IT managers must be ready in ensuring that their organizations are cloud ready for the sake of taking up fresh market opportunities in their industry. This study recommends that, to overcome the barriers, there is a need for an enhanced collaboration with all vendors, identifying specific areas of their specialism and implementing stringent measures for guaranteeing the aspects of data security and their availability.