(Solution) CIPS Practitioner Practitioner Corporate Award Assessment Code: PDC


Practitioner Corporate Award

Assessment Code: PDC

This assessment tests the learning outcomes and module content of:

Module: Developing Contracts in Procurement and Supply


Using a set of your organisations (or one with which you are familiar) terms and conditions, explain how the terms and conditions help the organisation ensure that:

  • The risks of poor quality, extension of time, increased costs and unethical practice are managed effectively
  • The relevant performance measures are monitored and managed.

You should use a full set of terms which includes appropriate schedule content and relevant appendices.

Outline the concept of the “battle of the forms” and explain how you could ensure that any agreement is carried out under the organisation’s own terms and conditions.

Guidance for candidates Your work should consist of 3,000 words.


1.0 Introduction

In this report, an evaluation of the different relevance of terms and conditions in guiding an organisation in the management of different risks of poor quality, time extension, increased costs and unethical practices has been carried out. This is supported by CIPS (2018) report that noted that the terms and conditions ensure that the issued tenders or contracts are both attractive to potential bidders and with the organisation benefitting from the existence of sufficient and unambiguous terms and expectations. As such, the terms and conditions must be flexible, accessible, significantly transparent, and consistent and tailored on the overall expected outcomes. In this phenomenon, the anticipated outcomes from the terms and conditions must be inclusive of all strategies that benefit the organisation in becoming the best amongst all their competitors and market of operation (DaSilva & Trkman, 2014). Additionally, the terms and conditions are equally instrumental as they improve their performance measures to the extent to which the monitoring and management measure already evaluated in-depth in the current study. Further, a detailed review of the battle of forms concept has been enumerated in explaining the extent to which an active and reliable approach can be used in integrating the agreement within the limit of entity terms. This is informed by the fact that part of the contract would be identifying the uncommon occurrences that are prevalent in a situation where a single business is involved in creating an offer in term of pre-printed forms of contracts. The case study company in the entire evaluation is ADNOC.

1.1 Background of ADNOC

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) represents one of the ten largest oil companies globally. It is a state-owned enterprise actively engaged in all their phases of the oil and gas industry. According to ADNOC (2018), the company accounts for approximately 90% of the 100 billion barrels of oil reserves in the entire UAE.  Their operations are majorly located in the two main refineries which include the Abu Dhabi Marine Oil operating Co. (Adma-Opco) for the offshore exploration and production, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (Gasco), a different natural gas production company, two maritime transport companies and many other subsidiaries……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Please contact our team for guidance, support and tutorial services on this assessment in full and timely delivery

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