ARUMScPM_EMRM Risk Management Time Constrained Assessment


Assignment Task
You are a new risk manager with SASOL and have been asked to produce a risk management plan for a new project very similar to the Boloka Metsi water conservation partnership undertaken with the Emfuleni Municipality.

The new project will take place in the same area and in partnership with the neighbouring town authority at Vensterskroon on the Vaal River.
First read the following article “Focusing on the Future” [online] available at
It is also available in words only form on the module page below the assignment.

Note additional information is available at the links in the article.
Then answer the questions. You are expected to provide a well-researched set of answers with proper referencing.
Question 1
 Prepare a Risk Management Plan for the new water conservation project with the following sections: Define a set of 10 risk types or categories and identify a minimum of 20 risks for the new project. There must be at least one risk per category.

 Prioritize (sort) the risks, while still clearly identifying their category.
 Prepare a risk matrix for the situation.
 Identify the top 5 risks and calculate their Risk Exposure.
 For the top five risks prepare a control and mitigation response.
Be sure to tie your risks directly to the water conservation project rather than just
identifying generic risks. Your answer should be in the form of a formal Risk Management Plan as set out above, including an introduction and a conclusion or summary. (65%)

Question 2
SASOL is a large modern operation with very well educated and talented staff from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Unfortunately, their experience of life is disconnected from that of the local people.
Part of this project, near Vensterskroon on the Vaal River, will take place in a poorly educated and deprived fictitious township containing people with a basically homogenous tribal background. The wider local authority for this area is a subdivision of the Vensterskroon town authority and has a mix of local people, welleducated management, less well educated executive and political appointees who
are of a mixed cultural background.
You are asked to advise SASOL executives on those risks which are specifically
culturally based and how these may be mitigated or controlled. Be sure to tie your
risks directly to the water conservation project and local area rather than just
identifying generic cultural risks. Your answer must demonstrate that you have
informed yourself about and considered possible concerns of the area.


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