1.2 Define the responsibilities for risk management at operational management level


It is important to note that operational manager’s responsibilities with respect to risk management stretch across the entire risk management process. Below are the responsibilities described of an operational manager with respect to ADNOC Refinery, broken down into each link of the entire risk management process.

  1. The criteria to manage risk is the first step. In ADNOC Refinery, of the many categories, one is occupational health and safety. This is further divided into It is the responsibility of the operational manager to define the context category(ies) to measure the consequence of risk.
  2. The way ADNOC Refinery identifies risks is by employing health and safety personnel. These personnel use checklists per the company policy and also the brainstorming. The risk event identified under category defined in point 1 above is height fall hazard.
  3. Risk analysis in ADNOC Refinery will analyze the above identified risk of height fall hazard against likelihood and consequence as follows. Notice a quantitative approach is used:Please click the paypal icon below to receive CMI Level 5

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