3.1 Evaluate the level of risk against pre-established criteria


We build on the model described in A.C.1.2, with health and safety category where we identified fall hazard as a risk. ADNOC Refinery observe the following:


  • Likelihood or occurrence of fall hazard is estimated to be once every five years (score of 2)
  • Consequence or impact is minor injury that could result in employee having 3 days off to recover the injury (score of 2 in our model)
  • The model has score ranging from 1 through 25 with the following classifications:
    • 1 through 6 is minor risk
    • 8 through 12 is medium risk
    • 15 through 25 is high risk
  • The score for the risk item is 4 (2 for likelihood x 2 for consequence)
  • The score of 4 means that the identified risk of falling from height is a minor one

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