3.3 Determine a process for implementing and managing a disaster recovery plan


Disaster recovery plan:

A disaster recovery plan is a contingency plan which comes into play in case organization comes in contact with events that cause loss to its vital assets and resources such as facilities and assets, including IT assets etc. The idea of such plan is to equip the organization with capability to deal with disasters to ensure that pre-disaster position is reinstated as quickly as possible.

Factors to consider while preparing disaster recovery plan in ADNOC Refinery:

I will now elaborate the factors when a disaster recovery plan is constructed in my organization, ADNOC Refinery. It is to note that the discussion here is with respect risk of loss due to fire:


  • The specific personnel in ADNOC Refinery are specified/chosen to be part of the emergency team should a disastrous event occur
  • These personnel consist of personnel from various departments mostly with following position titles:
    • Department secretaries
    • Office boys
    • Administrative assistants
    • Any other employee who would wish to volunteer to be part of the team
  • These personnel are given safety jackets to ensure they stand out in the event of disaster and emergency. This makes the rest of the employees to follow them
  • These personnel are trained in what is expected of them in the event of disaster. For example, making use of the fire hose reel etc.
  • Specific activities are assigned to them such as:
    • Ensuring all employees evacuate
    • Gathering employees in assembly area
    • Announcing/declaring emergency situation and ensure everyone in the premises is aware of it, etc.
    • Calling emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire fighters etc.

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