3HRC F302A HR Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources


Background of the Selected Organisation

The selected organisation is the Gulf international Bank of   Saudi Arabia (GIB). The bank has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 2000 and as a subsidiary of Gulf International Bank based in Bahrain (GIB, 2019). It is owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) and GIB Bah. A briefing report to a new manager focusing on GIB to be provided to a new manager due to start working in the organisation shortly has been generated in this report. This is to identify the purpose of the organisation and its operating environment, structure, culture and functions, and HR/L&D support to the organisation.

1.2 List of the Organisation Products/Services offered to Customers

The products and services offered by GIB to their customers are grouped into retail, wholesale, investment, treasury, and asset management. From these categories, the products and services include;


  • Digital and traditional banking (physical locations)
  • Deposit, currency, credit, debit and one pack cards
  • Smart budgeting and saving tool
  • GIB eBanking


  • Credit products
  • Project and structured finance
  • Syndication and agency services
  • Global transaction banking
  • Sharia-compliant products
  • UK Mortgage lending


  • GIB capital (debt financing, balance sheet restructuring, acquisition finance advisory, corporate finance advisory, project finance advisory)


  • Interest rates
  • Yield-enhancement
  • Money markets
  • Foreign exchange
  • Commodities
  • Investment and fixed income

Asset Management

  • Equity
  • Fixed income
  • Emerging markets
  • Structured credit
  • Trade finance

GIB Main Customers

The main customers are the Saudi Arabian citizens (retail bankers) particularly those in employment in both the private and public sector. The corporate sector represents the second main customer of the bank. The corporate organisations are particularly targeted by the bank wholesale banking, asset management and investment banking categories of products and services. The government is the third main customer as they advance credit to the population through the bank, access credit for different investment opportunities to the general population and promote investment opportunities. Individuals working in international countries are also part of the main customers of the bank since it offers products that are accessible to this group from their locations.

  • Purpose and Goals of the Organisation

The purpose and goals of GIB are clearly highlighted in the vision and mission. The vision of the organisation is to be a preferred financial services partner and delivering innovative solutions. Their mission, on the other hand, is helping their clients to thrive by working together to realize their ambitions.

Purpose of GIB

Gulf international Bank – Saudi Arabia (GIB) purpose is becoming the preferred financial service partner, offering multiple banking solutions to a broad range of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally. This purpose is achieved through a focus on wholesale banking, asset management, the retail banking service, Meem by GIB and investment banking (Gulf International Bank, 2019).

Goals of the Organisation

The company goals include becoming a preferred financial services partner, offering innovative solutions. Also, the organisation goal is ensuring that they assist their clients in thriving by working together in realizing ambitions.  As a strategy of achieving the identified goals, GIB has pioneered in the introduction of digital retail banking in the entire MENA region. This is supported by a cutting-edge digital ecosystem and an experienced team comprised of more than 1000 staff. The bank equally operates in strict adherence to the highest global standards of ethical and professional conduct.

  • External Factors and their Impact on the Business Activities in the Organisation

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