3LDN Identifying Learning and Development Needs Activity 2

Part 2 (AC 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)

Activity and Written Summary (500 words)

Identify an individual in your organisation (or one you are familiar with) or your tutor will allocate you a fellow CIPD student and carry out the following activity.
• Using at least three different methods, collect information from the individual and/or their organisation relating to their learning needs.
• From the information gathered, produce a written summary in which you:
o identify and prioritise, with justification, the three main learning needs.
o explain at least three factors which may affect the choice of learning solution.
From the documentation employed to collect learning needs information, the three main learning needs would include;
• Understanding and seeking to achieve company mission and values
• Understanding clear and assertive communication skills and how they create rapport and trust
• Becoming more effective in satisfying customer needs
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