Part A  (A.C 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) (500 words)

Produce a written report that explores the rights and responsibilities that your organisation and its employees have within an employment relationship.

You should include the following:

  • Describe 2 internal and 2 external factors that impact on the employment relationship
  • Detail 3 types of employment status
  • Give 3 reasons why we need to identify an individual’s employment status.


  1. Internal and external factors Impacting on the Employment Relationship

Internal Factors

  1. Communication

In our organization, employees are provided with a plausible opportunity of expressing their grievances and be heard. This has an impact of improving the employee’s morale and ensuring they are consistently informed of the performance expectations and making sure they are abreast with any changes in company policy and procedures. This is in line with CIPD (2017) who noted that the use of open communications inclusive of monthly meetings, weekly memos and alerting management of workplace issues impacts on the levels of employee satisfaction and morale.

  1. Company Culture

Company culture is an internal factor affecting the employee relationship with the management, other employees and all stakeholders. This is a multifaceted factor comprising of a description of how the employees are treated and handled by our organization. In the context of our company, we embrace wholesomely on all our employee’s unique attributes and emphasizing on the rewards which improves the relationships between the employee and management and how they relate with other to improve their overall performance.

External Factors

  1. Bargaining Power

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