3RTO Resourcing Talent Part A

Part A. (A.C 4.1, 4.2) (500 words)

 Explain 3 purposes of induction
 Explain 3 benefits of induction to individuals
 Explain 3 benefits of induction to your organisation
 Prepare a 12 week induction programme in table format, for a new HR Administrator. Describe everything they need to learn, know and do, and which roles, teams and functions they need to meet, in order to be effective. In doing so you should include the following:
 The first week should be broken down into days
 2 activities in every time period
 Show how progress will be monitored. Each activity must include a method of assessment, who will assess it and when.

 Explain 3 purposes of induction
 Welcoming a new member of staff to his/her new job because the first few days create the strongest impression. A poor first impression is very difficult to reverse.
 An employee moving to a new branch or department. Despite acquired and accrued experience might help to easily adapt to new situations, a moving employee may need to get acquainted with the new workplace, new colleagues and new job duties.
 Redeployed personnel to a different place or on a different assignment. Fear is admittedly more of a concern when an organization is changing an employee’s workstation. An induction can be most helpful for reassuring prepare such an individual for the new place and job duties.
Induction is also important for ensuring the individual understands core information about their job, helping the individual to settle into their new job and work environment.
 Explain 3 benefits of induction to individuals
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