3SCO Assessment Supporting Change within Organisations Part A

Part A. (A.C 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2) (600 words)

You are required to produce a written report describing the impact of change within your own organisation. You should include:
 An explanation of why your organisation needs to change, focusing on the internal and external factors that drive or influence the change
 The impact of change on the organisations activities
 The main factors involved in the change process – how did you plan the process of change?
 A description that compares 3 approaches to change with the process in use within the organisation.

Reasons for Change need in Organization and the Internal and External Factors Driving/Influencing change
The current need for change in our organization is influenced by the changing customer expectations for banks, wealth management companies and insurers being on increase. The need for change is prompted by the fact that entities can alter the manner in which they are structured for the purpose of being more responsive to their external environment. In addition, it will be possible for organizations to be extensively responsive to the marketplace changes which ought to be inclusive of decisions which ought to be made in the organization. The decision can either be centralized or decentralized to the organization operations.

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