3SCO Assessment Supporting Change within Organisations Part B

Part B. (A.C 3.1, 3.2 ) (400 words)

 Write a short report that describes 3 different behavioural responses and issues seen when change occurs in an organisation
 The role that HR plays in support of individuals during change providing 3 examples.

Your report should also identify any organisational or individual learning during this activity.

Different Behavioural Responses and Issues Seen When Change Occurs in an Organisation
The behaviour response in any organization is dependent on the views of employees in terms of advantage and disadvantages of a change process. The rationale for this is that despite of the structure change and economy management in our entity, there will still be immense challenges characterising future practice. In this case, it would be incumbent upon the managers and supervisors to appreciate to the diverse reactions which are normal in an operation of an entity.
• Fear of being involved in change- In this case, the employees would work to alter their behaviours and practice in their job. The employees might agree or reject their capability of being involved actively in the change process.
• Lack of understanding of the implications of the change process in their organizations. …Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10