5COO3 Briefing Document: Ethical Practice in Business


Introduction to Briefing Note

In this briefing note, an evaluation of the ethical practices in business through a focus on people professional has been an area of focus. As a best practice of organisation success, this note highlight on how different stakeholders are influenced by ethics in their different roles for overall organisation success.

Professional and requirements of a people professional

There are different aspects that note on the concept of a professional. These are;

  • Competencies based on knowledge and skills possessed
  • Reliability and accountability in their assigned commitment, delivered and timely
  • Honesty and integrity based on the morality and ethics of a professional
  • Self-control by exercising the emotional intelligence
  • Flexibility in their practices, planning, setting goals and entire parameters

Further, for a people professional, this is identified as;

  • Supporting others in the organisation
  • Working from any place or location
  • Progressing with an individual career
  • Everyday being unique and distinct
  • Leveraging on great earning potential

Ethical values explanation

In people professional, ethical values are in the areas of;

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility

Ethical values have been defined as what distinguish between good and bad thing, right or wrong thing, and moral and immoral.

Personal values and its effects working and relationships

There are different personal values that could be considered. These are;

  • Support and energetic execution of job roles
  • Conflicting individual goals and broader organisation strategies
  • Making honest and integrity decisions in the organisation
  • Evident discord between a personalised and business life
  • Leadership style adopted

Based on the different personal values, their effects to work include failure to make credible decisions. The employees often feel discriminated or not involved in making the best decisions made in the organisation. Employee relations is critical and is directly affected by personal values and it could lead to misunderstanding of the best practice in employees performance.

The personal values and ethics in people profession are clearly evidenced in the core behaviours where they are noted to generate moral compass for living and doing the right thing.

Discussions for ensuring people practices are applied

To ensure that the people practice are successfully applied, it is important ensuring that these are applied. Part of this discussion is ensuring there is a successful creation of relevant policy, communication and to learn on the best practice of ensuring compliance without reducing their morale. The best practice would include;

  • Writing down the entire procedure on the scope of discussion and the entire procedure to be adopted in the discussion
  • Assisting the stakeholders in understanding on why the people practices are essential. This is in regard to the need to adhere on policies and procedures as a critical part of job role
  • Ensuring the procedures are accessible easily to ensure the discussion is successful based on set procedure and policy development
  • Provision of rewards and motivation for people practice successful implementation. This would be communicated during the discussion process

Effectively communicating in engaging and influencing others

For people practice to be successful, communication is critical. This is to ensure their success in engagement and also an influence to the rest of the teams. The capacity of influencing others in a communication process leads to projects and ideas within an entity with multiple competing priorities. It is appropriate to be aligned with the best practice in the organisation in line with the set goals and effective practice.

To engage and influence the others, an effective communication would include;

  • Reasoning– This entail the adoption of ideas and projects for audiences for meeting appropriate conversation
  • Consulting and collaboration-To ask assistance for creating a good link for ideas
  • Inspiring– Ensuring an improved excitement on the ideas and enthusiastic on people professional values and belief
  • Trust and credibility– This improves sharing of resources in terms of credibility, collaboration and returning favour

Raising issues with situations including organisational policies or leadership conflicting with legislation or ethical values

Irrespective of how the communication on organisational policies or leadership are communicated and presented, conflicts are always common.

For instance, an organisation path for profitability or organisational growth could conflict to the legislation or ethical values. The most common issues that could be raised could include;

  • Illegally executed activities being offered
  • Toxicity in the workplace culture and best practice
  • Misuse of the technologies and properties of an organisation
  • Set expectations of the organisation and also the best practice

In areas of leadership, this entail ensuring that there is a need to manage the ethical conflicts effectively by reducing missteps prior their occurrence. This is through appropriate environment being established for organisation success.

All the values would explicitly be noted and the scope of the expectations of such organisations and also the existing ethical behaviours. This is for the best practice of an organisation commitment in their assigned job functions.

Business and human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued and treated fairly

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