5HR03 Reward for Performance and Contribution Task Two Blog Article


Task Two – Blog Article


To sit alongside the guidance document, your manager has asked you to create a blog article to sit on the HR Team’s online news page.  The article should be titled:


“Supporting Line Managers to Make Reward Decisions – The Role of People Professionals”


It should be aimed at people requiring information and guidance and should cover the areas below:


  • Assess different approaches to performance management. (AC 3.1)


  • Review the role of people practice in supporting line managers to make consistent and appropriate reward judgements. (AC 3.2)


  • Explain how line managers make reward judgements based on organisational approaches to reward. (AC 3.3)



The most important part of this article is covering the areas above. Whilst you should consider the audience (your internal team) you are writing for, you could also research what makes a good blog post and incorporate those elements into your article.


Your article should contain research and references.


3.1 Assessing Different approaches to performance management

In order to maximise people professionals value in an organisation and harness their relations, HR function ensures they implement performance management. According to CIPD (2020c), through performance management, a maximisation of value creation is achieved while making sure employees contribute to organisation strategic goals.

There is no one-size fits all strategy applicable in performance management in modern organisations. The lack of a single best strategy leads to organisations being demanded to come up with a strategy to note on the context and real (expected) organisation culture. In successful implementation,  having a flexible system is core to account for the different team strategies or organisation functions.

Further, according to CIPD (2021a), performance management is regarded as a continuous cycle contrary to a one distinct occurrence. Due to the inclusion of performance management in integration of a set of HR strategies, an acceptable structure/framework is instrumental for all stakeholders collaborative operations (see figure 11);

Figure 11: Performance Management Phases

For this performance management approach, a set of strategic goals need to be anchored on the different departmental functions. From this, an agreement on the personal employees performance and prioritising on their capacity development. At a later phase, people and the management could establish sustainable plans and monitor performance with consistency. A prompt feedback and consistent review is pursued as opposed to pursuing regular and annual formalised performance review, goal setting, project plan and coaching and mentoring strategies.

3.2 Role of People practice in supporting line managers to establish consistent and appropriate reward judgements

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