5HRF Part B Managing and Co-ordinating the Human Resources Function


5HRF Part B

1.3 Business Justification for Managing HR in a Professional, Ethical and Just Manner

CIPD code of conduct provides a detailed description of the best practice in HR management in a professional, ethical, and just manner (CIPD, 2019a). This involves adherence to specific set values, purpose, and good practice aligned with their knowledge and behaviours. An example of working ethically and just include working with zero discrimination in areas of the diversity of employees and the promotion of equal opportunities. This establishes an organisation with a sustainable culture of high integrity standards, high-level profitability, and dominating a market of operation. A professionally run organisation by HR is preferred by highly qualified staff and attractive. As a consequence, an organisation can leverage competitive advantage and productivity.

1.2. HR Evolving in Contemporary Organisations

Over the years, HR has evolved from a support to a personnel department (CIPD, 2018b). Recently, HR has evolved to play a strategic role. It can be argued that as the modern business environment change, HR equally evolves becoming increasingly complex, unique, and ambiguity. Despite advancing support to an entity staff, it enhances increased flexibility and inclusion in regular operations of an entity. The factors that are contributing to the changing nature of HR function include technology, globalisation, demographics of employee’s shortage of skills, all as the normalcy of contemporary entities. This is supported by CIPD (2015) report that argues that strategic HR role is anchored on today and future practices.

Also, contrary to traditional HR function where it was most distinct from other sections of an entity, current HR is more integrated with all departments. It acts as a center of coordinating all other departments determining the other department’s operations. CIPD (2018b) also notes that HR is involved as shared services, being a center of excellence and as a strategic business partner. This implies that the HR function is currently detailed and based on competencies.

Lastly, as opposed to the traditional physical nature of HR function, current HR is more systematic and empirical with multiple tools being adopted in their roles.

  • Main Organisational Objectives that HR Functions responsible for delivering

The core function of HR is ensuring that they guide their organisations in the delivery of set corporate strategy and set objectives. CIPD (2020a) note that HR function is involved in facilitating recruitment and development, talent development, compensation, and labour relations. Based on this, the leading organisation objectives achieved by HR function are;

  • Facilitating organisation change– As change agents, the HR function makes sure that they recommend best practices in change, mitigate any form of dissatisfaction or resistance to change.
  • Organisation Staffing– CIPD (2020b) detail the HR function roles to include potential employees sourcing, recruiting, inducting, and retaining them in an organisation. Through their involvement in ensuring staff demands are achieved, distinct roles are attained with learning and development opportunities being availed.
  • Performance management (ensuring individual employee’s goals are aligned to their organisation)- HR function harnesses the process of performance management through communicating overall goals that are passed in the overall hierarchy of an entity. Through the HR function roles, SHRM (2015) noted that employee voice is identified and communicated based on expectations. Any strategy set is intended to harness employee’s satisfaction.
  • Operating within identified legislation and set ethical strategies– As highlighted in CIPD (2020c), other than highlighting and establishing all ethical standards, HR functions equally to make sure that such entities assess and reward good ethical practices.

2.1 HR Objectives Delivery in Organisations

Strategic Partners

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