7C003 Task One – Initial self-assessment and personal development plan

  Question 5 To be able to reflect on levels of self-awareness, self-management and continuous self-improvement, leading to improved organisational success and career progression.  
Starting Point Here, I can rank myself as 6. This means I am above average Working as a people practice professional, since COVID-19 pandemic emerged, multiple instances have emerged which have required re-evaluation of IHCC organisation operations. This is due to the challenges which have emerged in the business environment particularly in regard to resumption of active business operations. I have managed to go through different hurdles which are evidenced by my capacity to manage my behaviours, entire thoughts, and emotions consciously and productively. Through self-awareness, I have managed to influence different situations in my organisation which has impacted the overall engagement. Currently, IHCC is ranked as an employer brand and featured in the Sunday Times 100 organisations for working for. The reason why I am an average performer in this category is influenced by my ability to maintain a continuous self-improvement. I nevertheless need to improve my communication skills for expressing myself appropriately. Majorly, I prioritise on areas of growth that are beneficial to me as a person rather than intended to harness organisation success. This is in areas of identification of my weaknesses, improving skills and learning new ones and identification and development of strengths/talents. I am also not effective in managing my time and stress. As a women leader, in instances I have encountered women suffering from health issues which impacted on my stress levels. Also, I have been nominated by KSA to become a women leader as part of KSA transformation vision 2030. I got a certificate.
Development Objectives I need to; Build on my knowledge in the area of psychological needs with a particular focus on those that drive my behaviours contributing to development of a culture of high-level awarenessImprove my ability for time management in the roles assigned to me specifically in the areas which are constraining to my practice. This is by training myself in becoming time efficient Build on understanding of the best practice in promoting stress management particularly through weighing on pros and cons for decisive planning, sound judgements on difficult situations
Importance to me Important In both my career and real life as both a community leader, family person and entrepreneur, self-awareness, self-management and continuous self-improvement is instrumental to me. This is since I have found this to impact the scope of my entity success, progress in my career and being competitive.
Personal development plan (SMART) In every week, I would attend group discussions with different team members in my organisation to gain insights on how to be self-aware on issues affecting us in our organisation to achieve 80% increased stress management and accuracy of decision makingTake part on work shadowing sessions every half of the year with an intention of building my self-management in areas of time and financial management while ensuring I am updated with new changes in my organisation and business environment by doing Gallup assessmentsTo enroll in a short-term course to build my skills and knowledge on various areas of HR which would ensure that I 100% contribute to my organisation success in its business environment
How will I evaluate my competence? To measure my competence in self-awareness, I would use the Gallup assessment and Birkman test. As evidenced in Sutton (2016), this would be inclusive of evaluating how I am reflecting and developing and evaluating training needs which are designed for assisting me in developing my skills Further, I would use the self-management self-test (SMST). According to Wehmeier et al. (2020) the importance of this tool would be to test my ability to promote convergent validity, ability of differentiating, criterion validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability. This would be important to evaluate how I cope with highly stressful work conditions and how I am executing my functions. During COVID-19 pandemic, stress issues had been prevalent. Formative and summative assessments would be used to evaluate my competence for continuous development plan
Possible threats to my progress In my role working in IHCC, I have to work for many hours for my success in my assigned job roles. This is also complicated by the fact that I am a family person, entrepreneur, women leader and also take part in different initiatives for organisation change. This would impact my ability to take part in continuous learning process Also, stress and lack of effective self-management are not necessarily due to lack of capability to management them but due to external factors beyond my control. These factors beyond my control would limit my success.
Question 7
To be able to demonstrate impactful behaviour that is aligned with wider organisational vision, values, strategies, and plans.
Starting Point
I can rate myself here as 9. This is an excellent rating owing to my excellence in embrace of impactful behaviour which is in line with broader organisation vision, values, strategies and plans.
The rationale for this is informed by the fact that being a people practice professional, I ensure that I embrace appropriate skills intended for goal-setting, decoupling the compensation process and developing an intense discussions. Over the years, I have always invested in my capacity to harness capacity development amongst the involved employees while integrating technology and analytics for simplifying performance management.
The organisation vision is leveraging on MENA region property sector by developing sophisticated structures and installations. This is with their values including teamwork, reliability, creativity and communication. In all these areas my behaviours have been aligned towards achieving the identified vision which guide the organisation strategy and plan. For instance, in 2022, owing to the transformation the organisation has gone through, I have managed to harness existence of a more efficient working environment. This is while harnessing innovativeness by actively collaborating with others, competitiveness and best practice sharing amongst the different teams in my organisation. In my life, working as a women leader, my behaviours include modelling the way, inspiring all women in  a shared vision and always challenging the relevance of the practices adopted. In August 2022, owing to the high inflation which has been evident in Saudi Arabia, this had impacted on competitiveness of IHCC in the property industry. As such, I have come up with a strategy to solve this problem by bringing all stakeholders together to be in a position of solving the problem. We decided to lower the costs while exploring existing mortgages and loans options for our customers. This harnessed financial stability of IHCC and currently the organisation is on course of achieving KSA Vision 2030. 
Development Objectives
·      Build my knowledge within the area of management of challenging business outcomes, this is while particularly focusing on the role of people practice professionals contributing to establishment of an organisation culture that recognise the organisation vision and values
·      To acquire relevant insights in area of ensuring that my behaviours harness an appropriate embrace of organisation vision and values specifically when the need arise to act as a role model to the employees in the people practice professionals department
·      To leverage on an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the best practice of promoting employees collaboration and active practice to ensure they understand the organisation strategies and plans. Specifically, when the organisation is dealing with challenging occurrence in the business environment and need to be appropriately coordinated
Importance to me
Very Important
In my position both as a HR professional/manager and real life as a leader, I am tasked with a critical role of coordinating multiple stakeholders towards the same direction.
Learning Plan (With Dates)
·      Within a period of 3 months, participate in various CIPD events with an intention of harnessing my overall professional network for collaboration while ensuring I am updated on new trends in the business environment. This is while executing my role as a women leader in KSA hence increasing my networks
·      In a period of 6 months, ensure that I take part in a short-course which offers me with relevant insights on management of organisation teams, collaboration and alignment of the entire plans
·      For 2 months period, attend workshops intended to model my behaviours to remain competitiveness in working in my organisation vision to achieve 90% of organisation success in its operations
Potential ways to evaluate competence
·      Developing a self-assessment by Birkman and Gallup- this can be done through the application of a questionnaire filled to note on abilities for ethical management and best practice in managing the expectations
·      360-Degree feedback from teams- Since there are different expectations of the players in the process involved, there would be a need to pursue a holistic benchmark based on the feedback issued appropriately. 
Possible Threats
Lack of sufficient time for learning and gaining the entire essential insights required for personalised growth. Specifically, as noted in Bosselut et al. (2021) modelling individual behaviours takes a lot of time. It is also costly to successfully implement the process.
The expectations are enormous particularly when it comes to management of the overall ethics in my organisation. Also, the process of evaluating the ethical standards often tend to be subjective as opposed to embrace of objectivity. This ought to be all-inclusive while prioritising on interests of all stakeholders


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