7C003 Task Two – Learning journal

DatesWhat did I do?Why?What did I learn from this?How have/will I use this? Further action points
October- December 2022I participated in a seminar which was intended to offer insights of best practice of reflection both in knowledge development and also in practice as a people professionalAs a best practice in people practice operations, reflection is instrumental for ensuring performance is tracked with career growth achieved successfullyI was able to learn that it is possible adopting the Kolb’s reflective model which is also identified as experiential learning. This is while integrating this with the new CIPD HR Professional Map to be able to gain insights on best practiceIn the collaboration meetings which we normally hold every month in my current organisation, I will be embracing the Kolb’s reflective model to gain relevant insights for harnessing my success in coming 6 months; Further action: Read a recommended Stephen Taylor publication; contemporary issues in HRM to gain insights on best practice of reflective practice
January- March 20223I managed to attend a coaching program on negotiations as a HR professional and best practiceMy intention were to explore on how as a people practice professional negotiations can be managed to ensure all involved stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. This is while addressing tension of managers believing HR by advocating for their interestsI was able to learn that I can be using the RADPAC model as the best practice in harnessing negotiation as a people practice professional. This is a model which entail the adoption of aspects of rapport, analysis, debate, proposing, agreement and closure.In my practice as a people practice professional, I will ensure I will be using the RADPAC model of negotiation to ensure that all the stakeholders interests are holistically accommodated. This is while ensuring that a win-win situation which is in-depth is attained. Further Action– I intend to source for resources offered by Chartered Institute of Procurement (CIPS) which offers further insights on negotiation process

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