7CO03 Self assessment

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  1.1  Critically assess different ethical standpoints on people practice and the maintenance of high standards of ethical behaviour     I created the GDPR Privacy Policy of my organization assessing and taking decisions about different but similar ethical standpoints on the degree of power retained by the board.   I helped the board of my organization to take a heavily impactful decision by evaluating the ethical views of a portion of our networks towards a different segment of it.   I discussed and took part in the decision process related to giving back money to our internal stakeholders, discussing the merits of different ethical standpoints on how to proceed.   I decided to carry on a personal project in relief of the war in Ukraine after reviewing the organization’s ethical policy on the matter.  02.00 07.00 08.00 17.00  
  1.2  Justify business improvements in relation to: the promotion of fairness and transparencywell-beingemployee voicelearning.     After committing a mistake, I decided to be transparent and discuss it with the rest of my network, which resulted in them helping me fix it.   To enable the voices of our internal stakeholders I introduced multiple methods for them to communicate with upper-level management in courses and councils.   After receiving feedback on the added value of some of our events, I decided that for the sake of fairness we had to make them more appealing for our local chapter hosting them, deciding to do so by adding learning experiences for the locals at the end of certain events.   After going through feedback in preparation for my application as Vice-President of my organization, I realised that some volunteering positions were not rewarding enough, decided to share them openly during my application, and then acted upon them once elected.   In an effort to promote fairness in my organization, with my board I decided to have all of our discussions public.  01.00 03.00 04.00 05.00 06.00  
  1.3  Self-evaluate personal and professional integrity in relation to ethical practice, professional courage and influence, and valuing people.     I stood up to the board of my organisation against the decision to showcase a message which implied falsehoods against a section of our peers, talking them through the reasons why it could be considered hate speech and ended up convincing them to not broadcast it.   When discussing different ethical practices on how to perform giving back money to some internal stakeholders, I proposed ideas, but was open to other ethical proposals, ending up agreeing with a different one that respected my standards.   My network was deciding to leave a local chapter open while there were no members inside, believing it was wrong as it would inflate our numbers to sponsors I decided to stand up against the council, making my point clear to the crowd.  07.00 08.00 09.00  
  1.4  Assess the impact of collaboration across cultural, geographic and professional boundaries, including the value of embracing difference.     To increase transparency and collaboration, we hosted all our meetings openly, letting everyone in and able to contribute, regardless of their internal position in the organisation.   When the war in Ukraine broke loose I helped to reduce the tension between our Russian and Ukrainian chapters, reminding them that our values respect uniting against adversities rather than fighting each other.   After assessing the impact of diversity in our leadership layer, I decided to take action when I saw an unfair disparity in the access to opportunities depending on which country were they from, managing to mitigate the disparity and setting the course for a full fix of the issue in years to follow.   In support of Ukrainian members of our organisation, I coordinated a vast group of people from different countries and with different backgrounds in order to offer escape routes, beds, and safe heavens to refugees, later expanding to non-members when capable of sustaining increasing numbers.06.00 07.00 10.00 17.00  

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