Acacia Learning 3C004 Task 2- Interview Preparation Pack


2.1 Contrast different selection methods and when it is appropriate to use them.
2.4 Discuss the selection records that need to be retained and write letters of appointment and non-appointment for an identified role.


Task 2- Interview Preparation Pack


Competency based interviews– Contrary to the other methods such as interviews and the psychometric tests, this is more structured, behavioural and situationally. Its best practice is identified in Yeung (2008) as employing different questions focusing on specific skills and answers by comparing them with pre-established criteria and well-marked.

This tool is best used for organisations which are currently conducting a succession plan. Also, this is used when there is a need to fill most important positions. The rationale of using them appropriately is that a high-scope capability and decision making are in demand.

Interview (Face-to-Face/Telephone)– This is inclusive of a strategy to provide an applicant with entire information and all critical aspects pertaining to a job role and also an organisation. As compared to competency-based interviews, this is more general and does not prioritise on any competencies in specific. Nevertheless, similar to the competency based and psychometric tests, is is applied to come up with a more mutual understanding in the selection process.

This method is appropriately used when the job roles in focus are highly sensitive for such an organisation. For instance, in the Techhow organisation, this would be applicable in security department roles, finance and people resourcing.

Psychometric Tests– This is a method that include the use of different tests which include ability, aptitude, intelligence, personality, motivation, level of interest and career guide. Similar to the competency based interviews, the psychometric tests also involve the use of tests. The difference with the other selection approaches is that, these tests assists to select the best candidate well experienced with relevant knowledge and understanding while possessing critical skills to enable them execute their roles.

This method is best used in an event there is a necessity of implementing a succession planning executed or an event an orgnaisation is interested with filling internal functions. Additionally, they are well adopted prior the interviews.


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