Acacia Learning Intermediate HRM Assessment Developing Professional Practice (5DVP)

1.1 Evaluating meaning of HR professional referencing to the CIPD’s most current Professsion Map

1.2 Describing different elements of group dynamics and resolution of conflicts methods

2.1 Applying the techniques for project management

2.2 Applying techniques for problem solving

2.3 Applying range of approaches to influence, persuade and negotiate with others

3.1 Undertaking self-assessment of HR professioonal practice capabilities for identifying CPD needs

3.2 Producing a plan for meeting personal development objectives on the basis of the evaluation of different options

3.3 Reflecting on performance against the plan, identification of learning points for future and revising plan appropriately

1.1 Meaning of HR in reference to Current CIPD Profession Map
In a contemporary organization, the HR is perceived as a fundamental area of an entity tasked with interacting closely and consistently with all other systems of an organization. The proficiency of HR system determines the success of an organization. Taking into account of the latest CIPD professional map, the HR professionals are supposed to behave efficiently, maintain ethical standards and practice utmost integrity in their operations. As shown in figure 1 below, the CIPD map demonstrates the skills, behavior, and knowledge for the HR professionals through which they are supposed to deliver them in across the different areas of profession adding value to an entity.

Figure 1: CIPD Professional Map
Source: CIPD (2016a)
According to figure 1 above, to become an HR professional, an individual must meet the requirements eight behaviors, ten professional areas and four bands of professional competence. In regard to the behaviors, as shown in figure 2 below, the HR professionals must be curious, decisive thinker, skilled influencer, personally credible, collaborative, driven to deliver, the courage to challenge and lastly role model (CIPD, 2011)……………………………………………………..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this assessment for only $10