ACC 530: Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social Responsibility Reflective Essay

ACC 530: Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social Responsibility

Reflective Essay

While working in this entire course, a reflection in the outcomes obtained is evidence that I have managed to acquire immense insights which have been instrumental to my success in the entire course. The main areas of my success include the insights gained which are relevant for a leader success in their roles and the society at large. This is particularly reflected in the insights which I have acquired on the relevance of corporate governance in an international business environment and various internal organisation levels. At the start, before I focused on this course, I lacked detailed information and appreciation of the impact of innovative and technology in corporate governance. This is particularly the case for integration of COBIT, the ISO certification and ITIL frameworks. Besides, through a successful course contents completion, I have managed to source the various identified insights which I will at all times hold as I move into the future and holistically integrate them being the most appropriate strategies in my practical areas. Albeit the scope of my success in the identified areas, I faced weaknesses of appreciating the correlation of ethics, corporate governance and other social responsibilities. This is an area of my further development as I move into the future. Further, while working in the current course, I have been able to acquire insights on introduction on corporate governance, its initiation, improvement and evaluation in organisation day to day activities. The first undertaking in this include evaluating the best practice on organisation excelling In regard to embracing quality leadership. On the basis of this, I have managed to learn that unless they are in a position of embracing relevant ethics by implementation of best practice for entire employees and social responsibility which is a process involving giving back to the community, success in my roles is impossible. I intend to all times put in place relevant systems and technologies to ensure that I improve my practice as a leader.
In the full course, I have been able to acquire relevant insights in the areas of different theories use. These……

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