Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Student weakness assistance on remediation advanced pathophysiology

a student has indentified weakness in advanced pathophysiology during his master’s program. 1. what can this student complete to improve in the topic “advanced pathophysiology”? (1 paragraph and 1 apa source) 2.make a recommendation to his classmates who might need assistance on his or her remediation in the topic “advanced pathophysiology.” sources etc (1 paragraph and 1 apa source)
A thorough understanding of pathophysiology is foundational for nursing practice, whether the content is learned as an independent course in a master’s program or integrated across a nursing curriculum. A deeper understanding of pathophysiology is requisite to provide holistic, patient-centered care (Majeed, 2014).However, this course can be daunting for both students and school faculty as it involves detailed information across several branches of sciences.
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