Advanced Practitioner Programme – Oral Project Presentations


Congratulations on getting this far. We would now like to give you the opportunity to showcase your project and have your hard work recognised by your organisation.


You are required to complete a 20-minute oral presentation, followed by 20-minute question and answer session, to complete the final stage of your programme



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  • This presentation provides an opportunity of showcasing the project
  • A shown in the structure in this slide, different areas have been evaluated in this presentation
  • In the subsequent slides, all the identified areas have been evaluated in this report
  • The slides are detailed, clear and concise information provided

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 WGL Background, Procurement and Technology embrace

3.0 Strengths and Weaknesses of this Project

4.0 Current Situation

5.0 Methods used

6.0 Findings Analysis

7.0 Conclusions

8.0 Recommendations

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  • Today, WGL uses the SAP Ariba (cloud-based procurement system housed in the Ariba Network) and is yet to adopt the eProcurement system
  • eProcurement would be essential for WGL improving their operations particularly in the industry 4.0 technologies
  • Technology embrace in WGL would include AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and Blockchain
  • Through an embrace of the eProcurement, costs would be lowered and leveraging on services delivery model (Supply Chain, 2020)
  • By embrace of eProcurement, an e-gateway would be established to engage bidders, interact and respond to tendering

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Introduction Cont.

  • External environment need to be put into account in consideration of the eProcurement embrace in WGL owing to the current VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)
  • Embrace of eProcurement offers an opportunity to procurement executives in WGL cost savings
  • External business environment entails organisations embrace of speed analytics, e-sourcing, contract management and eCatalogs and eInvoicing

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WGL Background, Procurement and Technology Embrace

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