Analyzing Contextual Influences-Scholarly Paper


Each student will select a health related issue / experience from your current clinical placement(mental health). This could be any situation you feel is meaningful and or significant to your practice.  Please note, this paper is NOT a reflection. This is a scholarly paper.  Reference used must be recent , not older than 2014


In 5 pages, please provide a brief description of the experience and then analyze the experience using at least 7 additional scholarly sources other than the text.

The following questions should be used to form your analysis of the situation.

  1. What do you see as ‘significant’ aspects of the situation?
  2. How do the different ‘lens’ inform your understanding of the situation?
  3. how is health being understood, promoted or not?
  4. Analyze how the experience was shaped by historical, sociopolitical, economic, physical, and linguistic influences
  5. Assess how culture has shaped the experience
  6. How have the social determinants of health influenced the situation?
  7. Consider the 5c’s in the situation (pick 1 -2) What significance did they have in the situation? How did you implement into practice? How did they change your knowledge of the situation?


Health care workers are likely to be exposed to certain hazards within their workplaces. The hazards detrimental to nurses’  may include  stress and fatigue called by biological hazards, physical hazards such as lifting up materials, psychosocial problems such as regular shifting and workplace aggression (Walton & Rogers, 2017) . Workers health and wellbeing in the workplace are very crucial and should continue to receive the right attention. Nurses comprise the largest group in the health sector and have an important role in giving care to patients. Correspondingly,…Please click the paypal icon down here and pay $5 to access the complete scholarly paper