Assessment 3 (40572/06) 7LMP


Assessment 3 (40572/06) 7LMP

Question 1: Diagnosis of the major problem areas

Management of a team of employees is not an easier undertaking with the hospitality industry being an extremely daunting task. As noted in SiteMinder (2020), the hotel sector is characterised with a high-level employee turnover to approximately 50% which is  identified as being the highest in all sectors globally. As a consequence of this attrition, it is a significant challenge maintaining consistency in the quality of service provided hence negatively impacting on the reviews generated hence affecting an organisation profitability and its market dominance. Nevertheless, for reversing this phenomenon, CIPD (2021) had recommended the necessity for HR professionals playing an integral responsibility to recruit and retain appropriate employees demanded by an organisation. Taking this into account, the major problem areas affecting the Crown people management issues include;

Problem area 1: Hiring and retaining employees

From the reviews provided by the customers, it is evident that the organisation has faced a significant issue on hiring and retaining of the employees. As noted in CIPD (2020) the hiring and retaining of the employees include attraction and securing of individuals in undertaking specific or particular organisational roles. For instance, from the customer reviews, this problem is evidenced by the existence of septic tanks, low quality food products, lack of staff to serve all the customers, uncleanliness, slow services delivery and existence of untrained employees. Also, due to lack of an appropriate hiring and retaining  of the employees, there are only two staff members actively running the hotel, disappointing timelines, and lack of corrective measures.

Problem 2: Lack of a team environment and aiming for a common goal

As highlighted in CIPD (2021a), team work leads as one of the most critical and pleasurable factor of work life. For the Crown organisation case, it is evidently clear that the organisation lacks a team environment for their employees and working towards achievement of a common goal. It is important noting that irrespective of the extent in which an individual is talented, it is impossible achieving the set goals without the involvement of their team members. This problem is clearly evident from the obtained customers reviews such as lack of trust towards the employees, low or none service delivery evidenced, indifference and apathy from the employees beyond the belief, uncleanliness of the different hotel rooms and employees lacking good attitude in handling the customers.

Problem 3: Lack of Employee motivation through Incentives

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