Assignment Sheet: Community Research

Community Research / Reporting Information
Topic Approval Day:
Peer Evaluation Day:
Due Date:
Minimum Length– 700 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 Times New Roman_Font
For this essay, you will write a community interest story like those that appear in local and student newspapers. Your purpose is to inform your audience (your instructor and the other students in this class) about something the Monroe , Louisiana area has to offer.
You might choose one of the following topics:
–local organization
–community event
–civic organization
–unique or interesting locally-owned business
–local charity
–community arts and entertainment site
–local animal sanctuary
Of course, you may choose another relevant site or group, provided that it is approved by topic approval day.
Like all journalistic writing, this paper or “story” requires research. You must begin by doing your homework. Look for websites, brochures, and other materials offering background on your topic. You must then visit your site/people. You must interview at least two (but no more than three) people who are integral to your story. For example, if you write about an animal shelter, you should interview at least one person who works there. Your second interview could be either a volunteer or someone who has recently adopted a pet from that shelter.
Your paper should be descriptive, giving vivid details about the people/place on which you are focused. We should get a good sense of your topic’s mission, contributions to the community, services provided, interesting aspects, etc. With each topic, new issues will become relevant; therefore, it is important to decide on a topic as soon as possible.
General Requirements:
–length of _____
–you may not focus on a national chain or organization (Every Applebee’s is the same)
–use all available information: brochures, pamphlets, web sites, marketing materials. Be clear about where your information comes from. (Examples: According to the shelter’s website, they adopt out approximately 100 pets per week. A shelter brochure explains that all pets are spayed / neutered and disease free. ) You may want to paraphrase and give direct quotes from the materials. In both instances, be clear about where the information was stated.
–give descriptive details from your first-person perspective
–use at least 2 relevant interviews
–use good direct quotes from these interviews. Be sure to introduce the quotes, clearly stating who said this information. Be sure to quote word for word. You may not change the person’s wording for any reason.
–offer an objective evaluation of your topic (This is why having 2 interviews is important; you don’t want to sound one-sided.)
–avoid sounding like a commercial. This is not an advertisement. It is community information
Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter is a local animal sanctuary that is responsible for enhancing the public safety and health services which are linked with the domestic and wild animals and diseases. From the organization finance report, the facility receives funding from the Ouachita Parish Health Unit Tax Fund (Pevny, 2014). This is from the proceeds of a special ad valorem tax of approximately .25 mils. The animal sanctuary effectiveness is hedged on its location which is at 417 Well Rd, West Monroe, Louisiana. In addition, its community relevance is hedged on the purpose of its formation which was through several donations and finances from the general funds of the parish and the health unit. In this case, as noted in the company brochure, the community members of the Ouachita Parish in conjunction with the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter did not incur any indebtedness (Paws of NE Louisiana Brochure, 2017). In light of this, the mission of this community research report is to evaluate the extent in which Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter has been of benefit to the community of Monroe, Louisiana. To generate a better understanding of the operations and benefits of this organization to the community, two interviews were carried out involving an employee and a volunteer with the organization.
The agency responsibility in the community is offering protection to the public safety and health as linked with the domestic and wild animals. To achieve this, the agency accepts strays and owner turn-ins in their regular hours of operation (Aiello, 2007). This is in line with the responses offered by interviewee 1 who is an employee of the agency. She noted that “in our operations, we try as much as possible to source multiple wild and domestic animals and adopt them for an average of 5 animals daily”. She further indicated that…………………………………………Please click the paypal icon below to receive this essay for only $15