Avado 3DEL Delivering Learning & Development CIPD Level 3


  • Capability and Readiness to Deliver the Activity

Individual Capability

The process of enhancement of a youth development program which was an initiative I had not been actively involved in the past. The much I had done in the past is working on a policy paper that would be adopted in improving the role of the youths in the society. To ensure that I am in the appropriate direction in my role, I had been forced to ask my colleagues for their critical assistance and as such assessing their roles and noting on the best practice to improve on the areas I had already failed in developing the policy paper.  Further, it took me sufficient time in ensuring that the most appropriate decision on my practices and what I am supposed to delivery in the session process. In the selection process, I had made a decision of presenting the different factors of the employee’s retention and how the employee competencies have a direct impact on the process. In this regard, I offered the competency statements since I had already gained sufficient confidence in this area after an active practice in over past several years. From my courage and determination on this particular topic, I appreciated the fact that I would be in an appropriate position of answering any question posed to me and active participation in the development program.

Readiness in Delivering the Activity

After successfully designing the presentation and collating all the notes in the slides and appreciating on the handouts available that I would be using, I eventually delivered the session to a part of my family members. This represented an appropriate opportunity for them in guiding me in the areas that are instrumental for change process and all the essential objectives for attaining the most appropriate results. Luckily, I already had a family member who seats in the CIPD board that plays the role of accrediting the candidates to become certified human resource practitioners. This represents a significant chance for my role to be focused by a professional in the identified study area. He critically guided me on the most appropriate practice in lesson planning and ensuring that I adopt them successfully in making them better for the involved audience. This is one of the most critical guidance I ended up receiving an improved activity and ended up presenting my lesson with considerable conviction.

1.2 Ensuring Availability of Space, Equipment’s, and resources for the activity

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