Avado 3RTO Resourcing Talent CIPD Level 3


 Activity 1.1

We live in a new world of economic globalization that cannot exist without the diversity of the labour force. There are many advantages of the diverse workforce that are reflected on organizations. One of the most important advantages offered by the diversity of manpower in companies as evidenced by many studies is the diversity of experiences, skills and ways of thinking and the possibility of introducing new initiatives and ideas that benefit the company a lot especially in times of crisis.

Increase productivity

Companies employing a diverse workforce bring individual talent and expertise to the company in a competitive way by adapting to volatile demands around the world. Employers can offer more solutions to customers knowing that they have employees to support the application. When employees are part of the solution, morale improves as well as productivity and efficiency. Diversity can help lead the company in identifying new skills and methods between the group to achieve the team’s mentality.


Increase global markets

A variety of skills from around the world can give the enterprise a competitive advantage. Multilingual staff are asking for help in communicating respectfully with customers around the world. When global customers feel they have heard and can communicate fluently, they are likely to increase sales and generate mutual respect.

increase creativity

Organizations must create an environment that feels comfortable and natural for ideas. With the formation of ideas in a diverse workforce, a variety of solutions are created to allow the creative process to achieve a common goal.

Activity 1.2

Factors influencing organizations approach to attract talent There are many factors influencing organizations or companies to attract talented employees to help them develop and to attract any talent organization successfully. As part of the talent planning policy, factors influencing their approach to attract talent, whether internal or external, must be identified and evaluated.

Organization size

The size of the organization and the activity of the company are the most important factors that affect the attractiveness of the talented. If the size of the organization of small or emerging companies and limited activity may be difficult to this type of employment.

The financial return on the organization

One of the factors influencing the institutions in employing talented people is the strength of the company and its advantages. If the company is productive and has high profits, there will be a financial return on its employees from the advantages and wages, upgrades, development and good working environment that make any employee want to work in this organization


Work Environment.


The environment or work place is one of the important aspects of the success of modern business institutions and institutions, which are currently receiving increasing international attention, since the satisfaction of the employees of the organization with the work environment is reflected in their efficiency and performance and consequently the success of the institution and attracting more qualified human resources.

Activity 1.3

 The recruitment process is an important function and its role is reflected in the management of human resources in the organization and for employing different conditions and factors, human resource professionals must understand these factors that affect recruitment and take the necessary measures to improve the recruitment process. When factors change, the organization also needs to monitor these changes, discover how they affect resources, and analyze these variables to make recruitment effective.

Demographic factors .
Demographics are related to the characteristics of potential employees such as age, religion, level of literacy, gender, occupation, economic status and location of the country.

Labor market
The labor market has demand and supply roles If the number of people with a specific skill is less than demand, recruitment will require more efforts. On the other hand, if demand is lower than supply, employment will be relatively easier.

Unemployment rate .
If the unemployment rate is high in a particular area, the resource allocation will be simple and easy, because the number of applicants is very high if the unemployment rate is low, employment is very difficult because of the low number of available vacancies.

Activity 2.1

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