Avado 5C001 Processes for consulting and engaging with internal customers to understand their needs (AC3.3)


For appreciating the rationale for this, MNGHA people practice teams as facilitating relevant approaches for consultation with engaged parties. The various approaches followed by people practices as illustrated in figure 7;

Figure 7: Strategies followed for Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholders Analysis- According to de Oliveira and Rabechini Jr (2019), the best practice to achieve the stakeholders analysis by people practice professionals in MNGHA include application of Mendelow Matrix. This tool is relevant for identifying the level of influence of various stakeholders and also interest as evidenced in the power which they exercise (see figure 8);

Figure 8: Mendelow’s Matrix

Capacity Development Needs Analysis- For MNGHA case study, the most appropriate strategy as a best strategy entails appropriate resources set to promote L&D practices. In this case, appreciate of their learning needs is evidenced in Personnel Today (2006) for establishing a possibility for ensuring a detailed services delivery in line with their needs and best strategy.Monitoring and EvaluationBeing the most appropriate strategy, the internal structures and different set standards are part of the exploitation in achieving their operations. This is by making sure there is a fully integrate work relations of an entity for ensuring good measures are a priority in harnessing the clients interest. The quality levels are therefore a priority in pursuing such an entity practices. Hence, by embrace of a holistic and successful stakeholders management, it is possible to achieve maximum gain/satisfaction mutually benefiting all the players. This is however identified as being defined with bias in the process adoption.

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