Avado 5CLD Understanding the context of L&D Activity 2: Draft L&D Policy


You are required to draft an outline of a new L&D policy. In your draft, you should
• The purpose and scope of the policy
• Which practice areas will be covered under the policy
• Key stakeholders affected
• The review process


Activity 2: Draft L&D Policy

Purpose and Scope of the Policy

This policy purpose is to ensure that there exists a continuous development of an organisation operating in the oil and gas sector. Nevertheless, this policy draft is for a new L&D policy that takes into consideration the different influencing factors identified in the presentation and the oil and gas organisation selected.  In this policy, the target is to set out an elaborate highlight of activities that intend to ensure that all involved stakeholders in an organisation are following detailed practices to ensure that they have high-level competency in their roles and to respond on the changing needs. This process would also include the provision of relevant opportunities for long-term career development where the overall process meets the individual needs and the capacity development requirements.  Establishing a winning strategy as noted by Kettleborough (2013) for the L&D is critical with the golden 5 steps including;

  1. Start from the outside in
  2. Keep growing and supporting the core business
  3. Clear value propositions for the customer
  4. Fine-tune for the marketplace
  5. Communicate clearly with stakeholder groups

For the scope of the policy, its development would be focused on achieving the following scope;

  • Creating an elaborate set of responsibility for establishing a shared practice among individuals, managers, directorates and human resources in a particular HR development team
  • To develop fitting opportunities which are all accessible to engaged stakeholders and through maintaining active communication between all involved members of an institution
  • Ensuring that the employees in the oil and gas organisation hold the essential knowledge, skills and competencies for achieving current and future business needs as highlighted in the organisation vision and mission
  • Creating a unified business strategy and working practices aligned with corporate development programs to assist all staff to meet the set business demands and to establish core competencies
  • To design events and programs in line with a specific corporate plan with prioritization while guaranteeing the achievement of personalized desire to improve individualized knowledge, skills set and competencies guiding them in their roles.

Practice Areas Covered under the Policy

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