Avado 5HR01 Task 3- Email to CEO


Write an email to the CEO of REBU outlining the:


  • similarities and differences between various employee bodies including union and non-union forms of employee representation (4.2)
  • main provisions of the statutory recognition procedures relating to collective employment law including official and unofficial action.  Include an evaluation of substantive and procedural agreements relating to collective bargaining and how this could work within REBU. (4.1 & 4.3)


Dear REBU Company CEO


4.2 Similarities and Differences of Employee Bodies including Union and Non-Union Forms of Employee Representation

As a CEO in REBU company, it is important noting that Visser (2019) research note on existence of a set of gains for employees being represented by trade unions. This is also inclusive of the work councils and employes reps being a major emerging trend. A set of employee bodies and unions do not possess the ability of representing bodies for organisations with an active collaboration to improve performance. Further, Gold and Rees (2021) identify employee bodies as ensuring they are holistically involved to execute entire legal job roles by consulting actively with entire employees representatives. The situation evident significantly affect people practices particularly in regard to redundancy and business transfer.

Concersely, trade unions are evidenced as including employee reps effectively. This is supported by Richards and Ellis (2021) which note the trade unions as influenced by the set provisions by the Trade Union Act 2016. The requirement of this legislation note that trade unions are effectively involved in a free basis and voluntarily in line with the requirements of the Central Arbitration Committees which note on need to appropriately use set criteria. The area of focus is the overall business sector with the employees involved to focus on implementing of their roles, assigned job roles, scheduled job responsibilities and pay systems and appropriate discipline by the staff.

In regard to non-unionised representation, this describe a phenomenon where the employees put their priority to be on good postioning promoting the issue of job security. The relevance of this is to ensure a leverage on good support system provided with the demands of work environment being essential.

Finally, employee bodies, trade unions and non-unionised forms entail provision of employees inclusion and being engaged in their operations. This is while their security of tenure assured. They are able to express their overall interests with a detailed feedback obtained and issued amongst entire stakeholders.

4.1 Statutory Recognition Procedures Linked with Collective Employment Law, Including Official and Unofficial Action

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