Avado Level 5 5HR02 Task 3- Retention of Talent Proposal Presentation Pack

The extrinsic and intrinsic motivation positively influence retention levels (Ryan & Deci, 2020). For OcMara case, resources are offered to their staff for reducing turnover. Further, administration and management in OcMara make sure their priority is on their employees motivation for achieving a maximum gain in their practices. Considering prevalent situation for OcMara, by pursuing appropriate health and wellbeing, they gain in areas of job security, job satisfaction and work-life balance. On the other hand, for various management styles, they are core to target Millennials and Generation Z who comprise a significant percentage for OcMara organisation. Success in the process adoption is essential for making sure retention is successful. This is affirmed in Hauer et al. (2021) evidencing persuasive management style important for making sure best practice in making sure retention is achieved.

3.2 Training and Development and workplace characteristics in talents development

In similarities, training and development and workplace results is harnessed through increasing engagement level and commitment levels. Through an adoption pf appropriate workplace characteristics, it is possible to improve employee voice, satisfaction and as such lowering turnover.

Considering the differences, while the capacity development increase the overall organisation retention, they also make sure that good environment is development for various entity initiatives. Further, Abba (2018) note this as a process pursued in an organisation in short-term practice and promoting organisation effectiveness. For OcMara case study, their initiatives are intended to promote increased retention of staff. This is since in the energy sector, it is critically defined with immense areas of improvement which must be prioritised.

Individually, the most appropriate practice entail leveraging on achievement of employees retention. This is also impacted by need to embrace different professionals learning-based practice. This is while the retention in organisations appropriate positioning. Hence, for groups/organisations, best practice entail working on work shadowing, capacity development at work and being committed to implement their roles.

3.3 Coaching and Mentoring Initiatives and Performance Reviews

Coaching and Mentoring- According to CIPD (2021h), the process of coaching and mentoring ensure successful employees development. The popularity is informed by the fact that majority of organisation use it for improving skills, knowledge acquisition and performance-based practice. For OcMara, to establish large talent pools, integrating the best culture is important. Similarly, this undertaking ensure line managers and people practice professionals effectively manage their operations.

The advantages of this approach entail the capacity to involve large talent pools, holistic feedback obtained hence gaining a feel of contentment. This is with the process increasing the level of being satisfied in executing assigned roles. In line with Nkomo et al. (2020), by pursuing coaching and mentoring approaches, this positively influence capacity of establishing valid and appropriate learning relationship of the talent pool.

It is necessary for OcMara case study organisation to pursue Unique Model for making sure the process promote how the employees knowledge, awareness and skills are promoted. Further, an incorporation of strategies intended to champion skills, network and improve scope of understanding is evident. This is while working as role model or facilitator of the different energy sector practices.

Performance Reviews– According to CIPD (2022), performance reviews are similarly noted as appraisals which are core for performance management improvement. For OcMara, this is important for use of 360-degree feedback with questionnaires being applied in evaluating employees performance level. A good guidance is provided for a future-based talent pools development by identifying objectives and fairness.

Strengths linked with performance reviews include what Zondo (2018) note as capacity to guide achievement of increased team-based relationship, adaptability and interpersonalised skills set. On the other hand, weaknesses include lack of ability to execute their roles, unaccountable and failure of working on a strategic thinking and bad networks available.

In regard to OcMara organisation, implementation of performance reviews is guided by prioritisation of activities by noting all the steps and engagement in holistic stakeholders interaction.

3.4 Diversity Benefits for OcMara

According to CIPD (2021a) definition, diversity represent the approach adopted in an organisation for involving people of different ages, ethnicity and gender. Also, the engaged employees come from different cultures and education qualifications. In line with the sourced study results, approximately 40% of the employees pursuing diversity plans leverage from an increased likelihood of experiencing higher financial returns as opposed to those hesitant in promoting diversity.

The different benefits entail;

Increase in professional growth and development opportunities– Considering the findings in CIPD (2022), upto 95% of employees embracing diversity and inclusion achieve in terms of increased capitalisation on career levels and growth opportunities. This lead to large talent pool developed in such an entity. For OcMara case study, through successfully embracing diversity, appropriate results are achieved. This include setting appropriate culture involving all employees operating as organisation good ambassador. This lead to development of a large talent pool which leverage on an appropriate practice for decisions making, inclusion of sustainable ideology. For OcMara, for their large talent pool positively impacting the increase in positive workplace cultural behaviours. This is with a relevant chance offered for brainstorming issues which could limit staff retention.

Creativity and Innovation increase– For the case of OcMara organisation, by embracing enormous diversity, creativity and innovation is improved twice. This is noted in CIPD (2022a) as increased diversity achievement from the capacity of integrating various perspectives, evaluation with good results achieved. An appropriate instance is today resourcing challenges facing OcMara. This is affecting their success in venturing various sectors locally and internationally. For management of this situation, standard-based practice of resourcing can be avoided.

Considering an organisation in a position of investing in appropriate resources which promote diversity, they achieve an upward of 60% in regard to embrace of innovation with good reputation set and employer brand. The outcome of this is increasing market scope knowledge with diversity increased and large talent pool. For the current phenomenon in OcMara, for its practices in energy sector, level of connectedness, embracing a holistic diversity process is important and essential.

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