Bradfield CIPD Assessment Activity for 3LDO L&D and the Organisation


3LDO L&D and the Organisation

1.1 Different reasons why organisations are established

An organisation can be identified as different people including institutions or association coming together to attain a particular set purpose. Through this, they are able to attain collective goals and different functions in a coordinated manner. Therefore, some of the reasons why the organisations are established include;

  • Working collaboratively for increased achievements- this is evidenced by the existence of inter-relationships and cooperation for achieving the already set purpose of an organisation.
  • Synergy- Synergy can be identified as a practice of using multiple efforts from different people to come up with a single outcome. The combined efforts are better than single-person efforts. This is since a collection of people in an organisation focus on undertaking different roles for assisting their organisations in meeting their entire purpose.
  • Specialization and Division of labour-This are evidenced from the defined responsibilities, active communication and authority all divided based on specialization and need to divide roles. this creates efficiency as less time is spent in challenging tasks and low costs of finding and training people to do repetitive and specific tasks
  • Sharing Skills and Knowledge- through an active allocation of roles and activities, skills and knowledge are shared from the top administrative management to the lower-level employees for a positive gain to the organisation.

1.2 Different ways of Categorizing Organisations

As a modern best practice, organisations can be categorized on the basis of the following aspects;

  • Purpose
  • Size
  • Relationship
  • Ownership

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