Case – Yalla Momo Targeting the Expat


1. Evaluate the marketing mix used by Yalla Momos.

2. How did Yalla Momos succeed in creating a positive customer experience?

3. What are the variables in the food business that make customers feel satisfied? What more should Yalla Momos do in this regard?

4. Discuss the role of social media marketing communications used by Yalla Momos. What initiatives did the restaurant take to make an impact on consumers?

5. What are the expansion possibilities available to Yalla Momos to reach its target audience of South Asian expats? What strategy should it use to communicate to and persuade these expats to adopt the healthy choice Yalla Momos offers?


Yalla Momos: Targeting the Expatriate

  1. Evaluate the marketing mix used by Yalla Momos.

As evidenced in Thabit and Raewf (2018) the marketing mix is a strategy that focuses on the factors of product, price, place and promotion. It is these key elements engaged in marketing a good or service and they interact significantly with each other. Hence, for marketing mix used by Yalla Momos, they include;

Product– This is used in identifying what a business intend to sell to their clients for satisfaction of their needs and want. For Momo, their products are steamed as opposed to being fried with preference being individuals sourcing for quick and healthy meal. Part of this include a recently introduced four ne varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Momos. Also, a popularly provided product known as Maggi Noodles (instant noodles) is of immense consideration and preference.

Price– This is identified as the price set for a product. In this regard, for Yalla Momos, they offer their prices on basis of their raw materials, salaries, rent and a markup of 30%. The importance of this is identified in Islaini and Nayan (2020) as influencing the value paid in exchange for the product and services provided by the organisation. In order to achieve this, Yalla Momos ensure they turn a profit while maintaining truth of their entire mission of ensuring convenience, affordability and nutritious snacks.

Place– The hotel include an appropriate environment for relaxation and enjoying the offered food products. In the restaurant, the walls are a characteristic of quotations for enhancing brand and creating an ambience aligned with exclusive offerings on the menu.

Promotion–  The approach used here by Momos include creating a brand image, ambience and high quality of the entire dining experience. For avoiding a recent negative feedback from the customers in their social media, Momos has been offering free plats to the customers. This is while ensuring that social media platforms are involved in the process of their promotion.

  1. How did Yalla Momos succeed in creating a positive customer experience?

According to Riaz et al. (2022), creating a customer experience is prioritised in majority of modern business strategies. This is a process which demand thoughtfulness, tactful practice and will for prioritising various interactions from a customer context. There are a set of approaches which Momos adopted in achieving a positive customer experience. They include;

  • Providing healthy and nutritious products– Through this approach, any customer who visited the hotel was willing to come back for another experience
  • Affordability– For customers particularly the expatriates, affordability is a priority in deciding on their consumption. This is particularly the case since the organisation pricing is informed by aspects of raw materials, salaries of their customers, rent. The organisation was not prioritising on profitability but ensuring their success in provision of nutritious snack and products
  • Customers relationship management– This is a strategy adopted by the organisation to ensure they are appropriately relating to the organisation quotation, impact creation ensuring product stay present in their customers mind. They similarly reinforce their brand in the minds of their clients through provision of a high-level quality dining experiences.
  • Delivery service and online ordering– This is a strategy of ensuring holistic approach in reaching out to their clients. This is by using the popular Zomato site which is used to rate the hotels. Part of this include establishing a timely customer services engagement platform with the referrals and word-of-mouth marketing being a priority.
  1. What are the variables in the food business that make customers feel satisfied? What more should Yalla Momos do in this regard?

As evidenced in Khan et al. (2013), which focused on evaluating determinants of customer satisfaction in fast food industry in Pakistan hotels, a set of factors were identified as influencing food business customers satisfaction. These include;

Service quality

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